Ms. Amina AlShaikh

English Language Instructor


Amina is an English Language Instructor at INTERLINK Institutes at Al Yamamah University. She has been teaching in the field of English Language for over 15 years. She started her career as an English teacher with her parent university, NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan. Prior to working at YU, Amina was working as an English Language Instructor at Interserve, Al Khobar. She has worked with Qassim University for almost six years as a lecturer in English Literature and Applied Linguistics.

Ms. Shaikh holds a double Masters – MA in English Literature and Applied Linguistics, and MA in TEFL. She gained her TESOL certification to broaden her opportunities. Her approach to language learning is student lead and target based. Several years in education have taught her that every student learns differently, and this puts her in an excellent position to be able to tailor her pedagogical techniques.

Ms. Shaikh has authored and co-authored research publications, published in well-known journals. She has also supervised undergraduate students for research projects at NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan.

She loves getting to know her students and enjoys making learning fun for them. She wants her lessons to be a relaxed safe space for her students to speak, make mistakes, and learn at their pace and in their style. She is a carefree and an easy-going person, and the atmosphere of her classes reflect this. Finally, she loves travelling, and her favourite part of travelling is learning about different cultures and trying new cuisines.


  • Conducted a PD Session on Writing workshop, for the faculty of Interlink at YU, 2021
  • Conducted a workshop on “Fundamentals of Pragmatics” 2015, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
  • 20th International TESOL Arabia Conference, Dubai, UAE, TESOL Arabia
  • Essential Computer Skills for English Language Teachers NUML
  • Judge at Dawn in Education Spelling Bee Championship, Islamabad, Pakistan, Higher Education
  • First International Conference on American Literature, NUML