Ms. Mahasen Alqahwaji

Demonstrator of Architecture

Mahasen Alqahwaji is a Teacher assistant – College of Engineering and architecture, Al Yamamah University. She obtained her bachelor’s in architecture engineering from Prince sultan university, KSA, in 2017. Before joining Al Yamamah University, she got different experiences in architecture, interior design and graphic design. Her fields of interests are: Design, creativity, landscape and environment.


  • Training in landscape and architecture department
  • 3d modeling and rendering
  • interior design & drafting
  • Design generalist
  • teaching assistant at college of architecture

Volunteering & Participation

  • Organizing TEDx-Riyadh 2013
  • Participated in "Leadership in the work teams" workshoop 2013
  • Back stage organizer at TEDx kids 2014
  • Organizing the world health day April, 2013 and April, 2014 at PSU
  • Member in Muslim Youth club 2014 at PSU
  • Participation as a speaker in PSU graduation ceremony for 2014
  • Member in the design team of Smile You Are Blessed cancer organization 2015 - 2017
  • Final juror for Design ARCH 212 in Psu - 2016
  • KARATE team captain 2012 - 2017 Black belt
  • Final juror for Design ARCH 211 in PSU - 2017