Dr. Yosra Missoui

Assistant Professor of Marketing


Dr. Missaoui Yosra is an assistant professor with solid experience in teaching marketing, management, and business courses. She received the Ph.D. degree (with Very honorable distinction) from ISG Tunis, Tunisia. Her research interests include market orientation, marketing performance, digital marketing, and mission statement. Prior to joining Al Yamamah University, Dr. Yosra was a Business Instructor at Laureate Vocational Saudi Arabia (International technical college) and business Lecturer at Qassim University (AACSB accredited university). Dr. Yosra was previously with the Central University of Tunis, Tunisia. During her career, she taught different business courses with a high focus on active learning, creativity, and interactivity.

In addition to teaching, she gained practical skills with her industry experience as a marketing manager for MyIweb (a French company) and a marketing team leader for a Tunisian web agency (Tuninfoforyou). She also gave consulting with King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies.


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Marketing Lecturer, Al Yamamah University, Riyadh

Courses taught:  International marketing, digital marketing, international business, E-marketing, Promotion and advertising, Marketing management, services marketing, Marketing principles, consumer behavior, senior project in Marketing, marketing research, Introduction to marketing, sales management


Consulting Projects:

March 2015: Descriptive analysis (Data Insertion, qualitative and quantitative Data analysis, Recommendations) Saudi national project established by the King Abdullah Institute for Research and consulting studies

December 2014: Preparing courses specification in the King Abdullah Institute for Research and consulting studies