Prof. Ali AlSamhan

Professor of Industrial Engineering


Professor Alsamhan join the Industrial Engineering Department of Al Yamamah University in August 2023.

He served as Chairman of the Industrial Engineering Department at King Saud University and Vice Dean of Scientific Research of Quality and Development before joining Al Yamamah University. Three PhD students and two MSc students completed their theses under his supervision during this time, and many BSc student projects were completed under his supervision. Several of my research articles have been published in ISI journals. Study based on MSc research, including one US-registered patient.


Year 2023:

  • Khaled N. Alqahtani , Mustafa M. Nasr, Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan, Mohammed H. Alhaag, and Husam Kaid Integrated Intelligent Method Based on Fuzzy Logic for Optimizing Laser Microfabrication Processing of GnPs-Improved Alumina Nanocomposites, Micromachines 2023,
  • Mustafa M. Nasr, Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan, Khaled N. Alqahtani , Abdulmajeed Dabwan, and Mohammed H. Alhaag, Sustainable Microfabrication Enhancement of Graphene Nanoplatelet-Reinforced Biomedical Alumina Ceramic Matrix Nanocomposites, Nanomaterials 2023,
  • Abdulmajeed Dabwan , Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan, Khaled N. Alqahtani, Mustafa M. Nasr, Husam Kaid and Wadea Ameen, CNC Turning of an Additively Manufactured Complex Profile Ti6Al4V Component Considering the Effect of Layer Orientations, Processes 2023,
  • Khaled N. Alqahtani, Abdulmajeed Dabwan , Emad Hashiem Abualsauod , Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan and Husam Kaid, Multi-Response Optimization of Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V Component Using Grey Relational Analysis Coupled with Entropy Weights, Metals 2023,

Year 2021-2022:

  • Abdulmajeed Dabwan, Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan, Mustafa M. Nasr, Abdullah AlFaify, On the influence of heat treatment in suppressing the layer orientation effect in finishing of electron beam melted Ti6Al4V, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,2021 (Output PhD student)
  • Lavanya Nagamalla, J.V. Shanmukha Kumar, Chintakindi Sanjay, Ali M Alsamhan, Mohammed Rafi Shaik, In-silico study of seaweed secondary metabolites as AXL kinase inhibitors, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 29 (2022) 689–701.
  • Lavanya Nagamalla, J. V. Shanmukha Kumar, Mohammed Rafi Shaik, Chintakindi Sanjay, Ali M. Alsamhan, Mohsin Ahmed Kasim and Abdulrahman Alwarthan, Identification of Novel AXL Kinase Inhibitors Using Ligand-Based Pharmacophore Screening and Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Crystals 2022, 12, 1158.
  • Bashir Salah, Ali M. Alsamhan, Sajjad Khan and Mohammed Ruzayqat, Designing and Developing a Smart Yogurt Filling Machine in the Industry 4.0 Era, MDPI Machines 2021, 9, 300.
  • Ateekh Ur Rehman, Nagumothu Kishore Babu, Mahesh Kumar Talari, Saqib Anwar, Yusuf Usmani, and Ali M. Al-Samhan, Dissimilar Rotary FrictionWelding of Inconel 718 to F22 Using Inconel 625 Interlayer, Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 10684.
  • Saqib Anwar, Ateekh Ur Rehman, Yusuf Usmani and Ali M. Al-Samhan, Influence of Post Weld Heat Treatment on the Grain Size, and Mechanical Properties of the Alloy-800H Rotary Friction Weld Joints, Materials 2021, 14, 4366.
  • Ibrahim M. Al-harkan, Ammar A. Qamhan , Ahmed Badwelan , Ali Alsamhan and Lotfi Hidri, Modified Harmony Search Algorithm for Resource-Constrained Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Release Dates and Sequence-Dependent Setup Times, Processes 2021, 9, 654.
  • Abdulmajeed Dabwan , Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan , Abdullah AlFaify and Mustafa M. Nasr, Investigations on the Effect of Layers’ Thickness and Orientations in the Machining of Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel 316L, Materials 2021, 14, 1797. (Output PhD student)
  • Ahmed Badwelan, Ali M. Al-Samhan , Saqib Anwar and Lotfi Hidri, Novel Technique for Enhancing the Strength of Friction StirSpot Welds through Dynamic Welding Parameters, Metals 2021, 11, 280. (Output MSc Student).
  • Mustafa M. Nasr a, Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan, Hany S. Abdo, Abdulmajeed Dabwan, On the machining analysis of graphene nanoplatelets reinforced Ti6Al4V matrix nanocomposites, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Volume 61, January 2021, Pages 574-589, (Output PhD Student)
  • Ateekh Ur Rehman, Yusuf Usmani, Ali M. Al-Samhan and Saqib Anwar, Rotary Friction Welding of Inconel 718 to Inconel 600, Metals 2021, 11, 244.

Year 2020-2019:

  • Abdulmajeed Dabwan, Saqib Anwar , Ali M. Al-Samhan and Mustafa M. Nasr, On the Effect of Electron Beam Melted Ti6Al4V Part Orientations during Milling, Metals 2020, 10, 1172; doi:10.3390/met10091172. (Output PhD Student).
  • Mustafa M. Nasr, Saqib Anwar, Ali M. Al-Samhan, Mageed Ghaleb, and Abdulmajeed Dabwan, Milling of Graphene Reinforced Ti6Al4V Nanocomposites: An Artificial Intelligence Based Industry 4.0 Approach, Materials 2020, 13, 5707; doi:10.3390/ma13245707 (Output PhD Student).
  • Abdulmajeed Dabwan, Saqib Anwar, Ali Al-Samhan, Effects of Milling Process Parameters on Cutting Forces and Surface Roughness when Finishing Ti6al4v Produced by Electron Beam Melting, International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Vol:14, No:8, 2020, (Output PhD Student).
  • Atef M. Ghaleb, Husam Kaid ,Ali Alsamhan,Syed Hammad Mian and Lotfi Hidri, Assessment and Comparison of VariousMCDMApproaches in the Selection of Manufacturing Process, Hindawi Advances in Materials Science and Engineering Volume 2020, Article ID 4039253, (Output PhD Course IE 654).
  • Ammar a. Qamhan , Aref ahmed , (member, ieee), Ibrahim m. Al-harkan , Ahmed badwelan , Ali m. Al-samhan , and lotfi hidri, An Exact Method and Ant Colony Optimization for Single Machine Scheduling Problem With Time Window Periodic Maintenance, IEEE Access March 13, 2020, Digital Object Identifier 0.1109/ACCESS.2020.2977234.
  • Mohammed M. Mabkhot, Sana Kouki Amri, Saber Darmoul, Ali M. Al-Samhan & Sabeur Elkosantini, An ontology based multi-criteria decision support system to reconfigure manufacturing systems, IIE Transactions. 2019 (Output MSc student).
  • Mohammed M. Mabkhot, Saber Darmoul, Ali M. Al-Samhan and Ahmed Badwelan, A Multi-Criteria Decision Framework Considering Di_erent Levels of Decision-Maker Involvement to Reconfigure Manufacturing Systems, Machines 2020, 8, 8; doi:10.3390/machines8010008. (PhD Course IE 654)
  • Ali Alsamhan, Adham E. Ragab, Abdulmajeed Dabwan, Mustafa M Nasr, Lotfi Hidri, Prediction of formation force single-point incremental sheet metal forming using artificial intelligence techniques , PLOS ONE 14(8) 2019, (Output PhD Course IE 654)
  • Wadea Ameen, M. Alsamhan, S.M. Darwish, Effect of overlap support characteristics on peel strength of weld-bonded joints, Int. J. Experimental Design and Process Optimisation, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2019 (Output MSc student).
  • Wadea Ameen, M. Alsamhan and S.M. Darwish, Design a single overlap support plate for bonded and weld-bonded T-peel joints, Int. J. Design Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2019, (Output MSc Student).
  • Lotfi hidri , Ali M. Al-samhan , and Mohammed M. Mabkhot, Bounding Strategies for the Parallel Processors Scheduling Problem With No-Idle Time Constraint, Release Date, and Delivery Time, IEEE Access Nov 21, 2019, Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2954905.
  • Mohammed M. Mabkhot , Ali M. Al-Samhan, and Lotfi Hidri, An Ontology-Enabled Case-Based Reasoning Decision Support System for Manufacturing Process Selection, Hindawi, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 2019, Article ID 2505183, 18 pages, (Output MSc Student).

Old Years

  • Ali M Al-Samhan, Thermal-stresses in carbide-tip bonded face milling cutters, Journal of King Saud University – Engineering Sciences, 24, 2, 2012, pp 85-94.
  • Ali M Al-Samhan, Analysis of T-Peel Weld-bonded Joint with Single Overlap Support, Advanced Material Research Journal, Vol 194-196, 2011, pp 2276-2283.
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Patient and Awards

  • "Method of friction stir spot weld, Patent US 10442029 B1, on Oct 15, 2019, Ali Mohamed Ali Alsamhan, Ahmed Nageeb Ahmed Badwelan (Output MSc student work under supervision).
  • “Wave energy convertor using oscillating pendulums” Patent No US9,151,268,B1, Oct, 6, 2015, Inventors ;Hesham Rabie Fouli, Ali M Al-Samhan, Shkelzen Hykaj, Ermal Mullalli..
  • Goldmedaille International Trade Fair Ideus-Inventions-New Product(Nurembera) 3 Nov 2012
  • “Drip Free Domestic Water Faucet (or Tap), Patent No 4692 dated 28 Feb 2016 from Saudi Intelligent Property.


  • Mabkhot, Mohammed M., Alsamhan, Ali M., Darmoul, Saber (2016). An information model to support reconfiguration of manufacturing systems. 4th IFAC international conference on intelligent control and automation science, Reims, France, June 1-3, 2016. DOI: org/10.1016/j.ifacol.2016.07.086. (Output of M. Sc. Thesis).
  • Ahmed Badwelan,  Moath Alatefi,  Atef M. Ghaleb,  Ali M. Alsamhan,  Shafiq Ahmad,  Implementing IoT for the Detection of Production Machine Failures,  Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Toronto, Canada, October 23-25, 2019
  • S. M. Darwish, , Al-SamhanParametric study on cemented hip joint), ACE-X2008, 2nd International conference on Advanced Computational Engineering, 2008, Spain.
  • E. Al-Bahkli, A. Al-Samhan, S.M. Darwish, "Thermal stresses of riveted and riveted-bonded joints", 6th Int. Congress on Thermal Stresses, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, pp 353-356, 2005


  • IE252 (BSc.) Manufacturing Processes 1 (Metal Forming Processes)
  • IE337 (BSc.) Automatic control
  • IEG345 (BSc.) Industrial Control System and Automation (Al Yamamah University)
  • IE653 (PhD.) Advances in Automation of Manufacturing Systems
  • IE654(PhD.) Advanced Topic in Manufacturing Processes
  • IE557 (MSc.) Advance Manufacturing Processes