Shasha Dhesi

English Language Instructor


Shasha graduated with a BA English & TEFL with honours, from Coventry University and has recently received an MA Educational Leadership & Management with distinction, from Nottingham University. She is a dedicated and passionate educator, having ten years of experience in teaching and management, in both the UK and Saudi Arabia. She aims to promote a school culture which is conducive to student learning and high achievement. She adopts a humanistic approach in her teaching and seeks to create a positive student- centred environment to attain high student performance and achievement. Her research interests include: Educational leadership & cultural contexts; Gender, race, ethnicity and faith as intersections in leadership; The role of women in Islam; Faith and identity; cultural/ belief systems in educational leadership. Recent achievements include the publication of her research on the unique experiences of Muslim women in educational leadership - how intersections of gender, race and faith restrict career progression: