Al Yamamah was authorized in September 2008 by the Ministry of Higher Education to operate as a private university (earlier authorized as Al Yamamah College) under the Private Universities Act. Degrees awarded by Al Yamamah University are accredited by Saudi Ministry of Higher Education and recognized by public sector as well as private sector institutions.

The Mission of the Quality Assurance & Performance Development (QA&PD) is to (1) provide the information, tools, and support for, as well as direction to, the members of the university community so that they can pursue the stated goals and objectives of the University and its various units, and (2) serve as a repository for the documentation of the quality assurance and accreditation compliance activities of the University.

Goals & Objectives

  • Create and continuously refine the QA&PD Strategic Plan, Measurable Objectives and Action Plans in support of the YU Strategic Plan, taking into consideration the requirements of Educational Evaluation Commission EEC-HES, previously known as the National Commission for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NCAAA).
  • Provide support to units throughout the University with their efforts directed towards achieving the quality assurance goals of the University and its departments, as well as the requirements of MoE and EEC-HES regarding quality assurance and accreditation requirements.
  • Provide evaluation and recommend corrective action regarding the university’s performance in all areas of university operations, especially with respect to learning and teaching.
  • Promote the role of quality assurance in enhancing the effectiveness of the university in achieving its goals and objectives.
  • Increase the degree of personnel understanding of Quality Assurance practices and tools.
  • Change the culture of the university to become ‘quality assurance’ driven, where personnel adopt its concepts and practices in all aspects of their jobs.
  • Eliminate barriers between departments by opening and widening communication channels between them, and changing the nature of their relationships from “competition” driven to “team-work” and “mutual benefit”.

To match the standards of professional national and international accreditation agencies, Al Yammamah University(YU) is accredited by Educational Evaluation Commission EEC-HES , aka the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment(NCAAA) for the period May 2015 to April 2022 and agrees to uphold the NCAAA Standards for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Higher Education Institutions/Programs. The EEC-HES is an independent body responsible to the Council of Higher Education for the accreditation of post secondary educational institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Driven by its own commitment to promote quality education, the University is determined to continue meeting the highest standards in this area as a leading institution of higher education. YU is now an official member of Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and had submitted an application to ACBSP to be accredited.