4. Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Universities are pivotal in advancing SDG 4, “Quality Education.” They can start by ensuring inclusive admissions policies, scholarships, and support services to make higher education accessible to diverse student populations, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. Additionally, universities can enhance the quality of education through innovative teaching methods, curriculum development, and research, preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. They can also foster lifelong learning opportunities by offering continuing education programs, professional development courses, and open online courses to engage learners of all ages. By collaborating with local schools and communities, universities can contribute to improving the overall education ecosystem. Through these actions, universities can help fulfill the promise of inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all, thus supporting the broader global goal of sustainable development.

YU actions supporting SDG 4

Quality & Accreditation

The system of quality assurance and academic accreditation at Al Yamamah University consists of an integrated set of processes and activities that collectively