10. Reduced Inequality: Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Universities can make a significant impact on SDG 10, “Reduced Inequality,” through a range of actions. They can actively promote diversity and inclusion within their campuses, ensuring equitable access to education for students from various backgrounds and demographics. Scholarships and financial aid programs can help level the playing field, reducing disparities in educational opportunities. Moreover, universities can engage in research that addresses inequality-related challenges, informing evidence-based policies and solutions. They can also organize workshops, seminars, and public awareness campaigns that raise consciousness about inequality issues. By incorporating these principles into their academic and operational strategies, universities can contribute to the global effort to reduce inequality within and among countries, creating a more equitable and just society.

YU actions supporting SDG 10


Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Khudair Scholarship Program & The Distinction Scholarship Program


Al Yamamah University Honors ISEF Winners with Full Scholarships
In celebration of their national achievement, Al-Yamamah University offered full scholarships to all the


Dean’s List students honred by university
Al Yamamah University organized a ceremony honoring outstanding students in the Dean’s List in all academic disciplines, in the