The Career Center Organizes a Session on Graduates and Entrepreneurship

As part of “The Next Chapter” series of workshops and sessions offered to senior students and prospective graduates, the Career Center, in collaboration with the Accounting Club at university, organized an online session entitled “Graduates and Entrepreneurship” and presented by Mr. Basil Alkorayea, Founder and CEO of RASMAAL, and Class of 2012 BOBA graduate.

Mr. Alkorayea emphasized the strong value of students’ involvement in extracurricular activities offered by the university and their important outcomes, which students can benefit from after graduation and when they seek employment.

He also spoke extensively about his personal experience as an entrepreneur and focused mainly on what he described as the success triangle of any project: accounting, marketing and human resources management.

Mr. Alkorayea concluded with practical and working advice to his audience of senior students to be committed and persistent, and to build a good reputation and valid experience to guarantee a key role in the labor market