The University Hosts iHR Session “Human Resources: from External to Internal”

The University hosted a session entitled, “Human Resources from External to Internal” in partnership with the Human Resources Society (iHR) in its third season.

The session was held in the Main Hall of Tuwaiq Building, College of Engineering & Architecture and was presented by Mr. Adel Alghamdi, Executive Director of Human Resources, AMAALA Project, Public Investment Fund.

The speaker reviewed the concept of the modern trend in human resources, from external to internal hiring, which is the hiring method applied by the large companies in Silicon Valley and companies in the state of Seattle, USA.

Mr. Alghamdi also talked about the new job opportunities associated with following this method such as strategy, marketing and statistics that serve human resources management.

At the end of the session, the university honored Mr. Adel Alghamdi for his attendance and participation.