YU Guest Speaker Program Hosts Alumnus Saud Albarrak

Al Yamamah Guest Speaker program hosted alumnus Mr. Saud Albarrak, G20 Policy Advisor at Saudi, G20 Finance Track on “Realizing Opportunities in the Financial Sector”, on Wednesday 21 Oct.

Mr. Saud started the session by discussing the main objectives of the G20, focusing mainly on ensuring global financial stability, and the aims of the financial track of the 2020 summit to seize the financial opportunities of the twenty-first century and achieve financial inclusion of youth.

The guest gave a quick description of his academic and professional life, starting with his cooperative training at SABIC, and explained how the company pays great attention to the business community, especially the financial sector. He stated, “I was part of the team that was responsible for providing global partnerships activities”.

Finally, he talked about the importance of self-belief and confidence, which are necessary to make a student and fresh graduate stand-out in the labor market.

At the end of the session, the guest opened the discussion for the students and answered all their questions.