These programs are intended to prepare students for success as management professionals in today’s technology-driven global business environment by providing them with fundamental business knowledge and critical thinking skills.


The fields of computer and information systems are ripe with career opportunities. Professionals in these fields are able to be part of the ever-evolving technology sector; changing the way the world works and communicates every day.


In the late of 2013, MOHE approved YU’s proposal for new program in the area of engineering and architecture. Therefore, YU established a new college under name College of Engineering and Architecture(CEA) offering a bachelor degree in engineering and architecture with major options,


Al Yamamah University (YU) had been in a forefront in the field of its executive programs with an aim of preparing highly qualified graduates to become leaders of the Saudi economy. With this in mind, YU’s Master Programs have been created in addition to the existing programs to answer global demands in helping and nurturing young minds to be an excellent frontrunner in their chosen career and at the top of their professional lives.


YU Highlights

Al-Yamamah University is located north of Riyadh, on the Al-Qassim Highway, and occupies an area of 160,000 square meters. It was designed in accordance with the latest standards for educational institutions. The men’s campus consists of the central academic building, the grand auditorium, main library, students’ lounge, sports club and a mosque. In addition, from its inception, Al-Yamamah University has been committed to providing female students with educational opportunities that prepare them for their vital role in the emerging Saudi labor market. The women’s campus is the fruit of that commitment, with a state-of-the-art campus featuring modern facilities – both academic and recreational – that are fully equivalent to those enjoyed on the men’s campus. Built at a total cost of 300 million Saudi Riyals (approximately US$ 80 million), the University’s ultra-modern campus provides state-of-the-art facilities and innovative instructional designs and curricula offered by faculty from around the world.

Why Choose Us?

Why Us
  • We aim to provide international experience locally through our corporate partnerships with different institutions world-wide.
  • We are confident of our excellence
  • We understand the local needs for highly competent and skilled personnel
  • We are aware of the needs of the business sector
  • We are committed to high standards.
Mission Statement

Al Yamamah University provides academic instruction and professional training of the highest standard that impart to its students a life-long dedication to learning and self-development, while enabling rising generations to shape a future marked by positive social and economic progress

Vision Statement

Al Yamamah University aspires to be the foremost Saudi educational institution renowned for its effective preparation of creative and entrepreneurial professionals who are consistently in high demand by leading public and private sector organizations.

Campus Life

Main Campus

Built on 13,720 square meters, the state-of-the-art main campus houses the following:
Learning facilities

YU learning facilities are located in the main building and consist of 70 well-equipped classrooms, 6 computer labs, 2 small auditoriums with 60 seats each to host presentations, seminars and staff as well as student training sessions.

This is located on the first floor of the main building so students, faculty or staff can grab a bite on the run or enjoy a meal in the nearby seating area. The Cafeteria serves a healthy range of foods, snacks, sandwiches and beverages all competitively priced.
Parking areas

The YU main campus has two main parking lots, one for faculty members and the administration staff with capacity for more than 150 cars, and another for students, accommodating more than 500 cars.
Gymnasium and Sport Facilities

YU houses a Sports Club on the Main Campus. The club includes a court for volleyball, basketball and handball, along with a bowling alley, as well as a fully equipped gym area to welcome those who wish to work-out while on campus or just want to spend some leisure time there. Apart from that, the outdoor sporting facilities include a soccer field, and tennis and basketball courts, prepared for hosting public sports events.
The library

Occupying an area of 1,500 square meters, the library has a stack capacity of 35,000 volumes and seating space for about 200 library users. The present collection is primarily in Arabic and English languages with emphasis on Business Administration and Information Systems. The holdings also include periodicals, database subscription, DVDs, CDs, etc. Computers with internet access facilities and wireless networking are also available. Planning has begun to provide group study-rooms which will be outfitted with audiovisual equipment. The purpose of the group study rooms is to provide a location for group discussions and collaborative learning. The rooms will be designed for the convenience of students who wish to converse, to view videotapes or audiotapes for their studies.
Main Auditorium Building

Located at heart of the men’s campus is a beautiful main auditorium designed to serve up to 1000 guests, and 30 VIPs. It is equipped with advanced audio/visual systems that can be used for public events as well as theatrical performances and conferences.

Women's Campus

The ultra modern women’s campus, inaugurated in Dec. 2008, occupies 11,000 square meters and houses the following:
Lecture halls and classrooms

There are 70 well-equipped with latest learning facilities.
Administration offices

There are 90 comfortable work settings for administration staff.
Computer labs

Six computer labs provide students with easy internet access and are convenient for taking IT courses.
Food Court

In order to ensure everyone in YU can attain a healthy lifestyle; we took extra care in our choice of restaurants and cafés to serve our students on campus. Currently, students, faculty and staff on the Women’s campus have the option to head to one of the cafeterias and restaurants and choose from a verity of healthy foods, snack and beverages and enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal in a friendly and relaxed ambience.
VIP room

This room has a total area of one hundred square meters has been elegantly furnished and made ready for receiving YU guests.

Totaling area of eight hundred square meters, the Showroom is sufficient for hosting exhibitions and public events.
Training rooms

Three rooms with an area of one hundred forty five square meters have been designed and equipped for training, seminars and presentations.
Sports facilities

Not overlooking the importance of sports and well-being for girls, we have incorporated an exercise/recreation area in their building with a gym, an exercise studio and recreation facilities including a bowling alley. These facilities will help contribute to the mission and vision of Al Yamamah University, which is to provide the best possible resources for students to develop their full potential.

The Library provides students, staff and faculty members with a vast range of books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs and computers, all within a quiet and cozy environment to study and research.

A beautiful auditorium has been designed to serve 320 attendees. The auditorium is equipped with advanced audio/visual systems that can be used for public events as well as theatrical performances and conferences. ​​​​

Students Clubs

Debate Club

YUDC was established in the summer semester of 2007-2008 as the first collegiate debate club in Riyadh and probably in Saudi Arabia. The main purpose of YUDC is to help the students learn and improve their public speaking, dialoguing, active listening and negotiation skills through a program of activities, debates and public speaking events. What we hope for is to prepare a generation of skilled debaters ready for the interdependent world, which believes in civilized dialogue as the only effective means of communication and integration. The club members meet on weekly basis to practice debating and public speaking. The activities include, among other things

Training in public speaking
Active listening
Learning to build arguments
Researching information
Watching and critiquing debates (such as the Doha Debates)
Organizing monthly public debates and debate tournaments

The debate topics tackle a variety of educational, social, economic and global issues of special interest to the young generation. Membership is open to all students who have sufficient proficiency in English and a desire to improve their debating skills. You can get more information by contacting Mr. Asaad AL-Asaad at

Student Council

Al Yamamah University supports the personal and social growth of individual students, especially the development of their leadership skills. As such, the university authorizes the establishment of a Student Council to

  • Promote student understanding of and appreciation for the complexities of the operation of an institution of higher education.
  • Promote student participation in the discussion of issues relevant to the development of the university, using Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Promote student representation and leadership, on behalf of the larger student body, to the administration especially on matters involving students.
  • Promote transparency in the operation of the university.
  • Support YU in the development of student services in accordance with the values of YU.
  • Support YU in organizing, promoting, and conducting activities beneficial to the experience of students, while they’re at YU.
  • Help disseminate information of interest to students

The student council units meet every two weeks during the academic year (fall and spring semesters), as two separate bodies, for men and for women. The council presidents plan the agenda for each meeting in cooperation with the student advisor. Every full- and part-time student enrolled either in SILC or academic credit courses is a member of the council, and eligible to participate in council sponsored activities. However, only full-time students, in good standing, may run for and hold the offices of unit President, Vice President, and Secretary.

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