Research Structure and Governance

Center for Research and Consultancy

The Center is in charge of providing support for and coordination of faculty development, as well as graduate and undergraduate students involvement in scholarly activities. The Center builds and strengthens the bridges between researchers and the surrounding community. The Center is in charge of all the activities related to the dissemination of research findings, including the participation in conferences and the research training of the faculty, as well as the integration of teaching and research. The Center needs direct collaboration with the faculty in order to build new sponsored programs and other research activities, and makes recommendations regarding the released-time required by these tasks, as well as the recognition of the research achievements of the faculty members.

College Research Committees

Each college has established a Research Committee that is chaired by an experienced, active researcher of the college. Members of the Committee are drawn from the active researchers of the college faculty. The Committee seeks guidance and feedback from the respective college dean to implement YU research related policies and guidelines. The Committee also works as a source to collect feedback and concerns in regards to research related activities and training and professional development requirements from individual faculty members and convey these feedbacks to the college management. The research-related activities, suggestions, and concerns may be discussed in the respective college council and then channeled to the Director of Research.

Graduate Studies and Research Council

This is a newly created and approved Council that replaced the previously established ‘YU Research Council’. The Council is chaired by the Vice President and its members include the dean of the colleges, the Directors of the Research and Quality, and representative from each college.